Meet My Shoes

Meet My Shoes, it is not about the shoes, it is about the journey.

When we look at ourselves and we look at the road we have traveled in life often times we do not appreciate the hardships that have lead us to achievements. Meet My Shoes is a Non-Profit Organization that recognizes the hardships individuals are faced with when striving for success. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have been their also, meaning we understand that life can be uncomfortable some times and at some point in the journey one may find themselves needing assistance.

  • Because we have been their, we do not discriminate.
  • Because we have been their, we can offer a variety of services
  • Because we have been their, we have teamed up with other local organizations to provide the maximum benefit, meaning we will refer, suggest and introduce you to those who CAN help you with your specific needs.

Meet My Shoes was founded with you in mind, not a dollar sign. So we take the time to listen to your needs and issues. Just as a worn pair of shoes, each of us have traveled different paths to get to this moment. We understand that you are unique and your problems and situations are unique as well.

Founded by Floretta Leavy in April 2005, in Rockford, Illinois. Meet My Shoes is 501C3 Non-Profit Organization that works with women of domestic violence and helps those who are faced with the hardships of getting their lives back together after incarceration.

Meet My Shoes provides a wide range of case by case Social Service referrals, Drug Rehab and Transitional Housing referrals along with many other services.

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